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chainflex cables without PFAS: safety for people, nature and businesses

Published on: 14th February 2024

Like the chemicals of the PFAS family, certain polytetrafluoroethylene compounds – PTFE for short – are considered “forever chemicals” and therefore potentially harmful to the environment, people and animals. The European Union is therefore working on a ban on the substances. With the “PFAS-free” seal, igus demonstrates that their own chainflex cables are free of the chemicals and already offer customers operational safety in the event of a ban.


igus launches first UL-listed motor cable for cable tray and e-chain

Published on: 10th January 2024

With the new chainflex cable CF33.UL, igus has developed the world’s first motor cable for energy chains and cable trays with UL approval and a four-year functional guarantee in the energy chain. This allows the cable to be laid seamlessly from the energy chain to the cable tray without a plug connection in between. The CF33.UL also adds a shielded PVC motor cable to the chainflex range.


igus offers new record guarantee of four years on cables

Published on: 23rd November 2023

If cables break, machines and systems come to a standstill. However, companies weren’t able to be sure how long a cable would last. Not until igus solved the problem: 10 years ago, igus was the first industrial company in the world to introduce a 36-month guarantee on moving cables. Just in time for the SPS 2023 automation trade fair, the plastics specialist is extending the guarantee period for its entire cable range by a further 12 months to four years. This gives customers even more functional and planning security. The guarantee, which is unique in the industry, is possible due to thousands of new customer applications and over 20 billion additional test cycles in the in-house chainflex laboratory carried out in the past decade.


Five times the distance: world’s first cable for hanging applications suitable for SEW-EURODRIVE

Published on: 13th March 2023

Machines have to work reliably around the clock in such areas as material handling. Warehouses are getting bigger, and increasing mast heights mean high demands on the cables. To ensure trouble-free operation even in demanding hanging applications, igus has developed the CFSPECIAL.192 hybrid cable. It is the only cable on the market specifically for hanging applications in e-chains, suitable for SEW-EURODRIVE’s MOVILINK DDI. A high-tensile aramid support element in the cable jacket allows mast heights five times that of standard cables.


Still more choice: two new hybrid cables from igus suitable for Bosch Rexroth and Siemens

Published on: 12th January 2023

Energy and data transmission bundled in one cable: hybrid technology is gaining acceptance among more and more drive manufacturers. In view of this ongoing trend, igus is expanding its chainflex cable portfolio with two new hybrid cables: one is the CF280.UL.H401 with PUR jacket suitable for the modular drive system ctrlX DRIVE from Bosch Rexroth for synchronous servo motors of the MS2N series. The other is the proven hybrid cable for Siemens SINAMICS S210 drives, now with PVC outer jacket.


Detect cable stress at an early stage and more precisely than ever before with i.Sense CF.D

Published on: 2nd December 2022

Maintaining heavily used and hard-to-reach bus cables faster than ever is what i.Sense CF.D, the igus monitoring module, can do – and nothing else in the world can. The module automatically recognises the positions of stressed areas in a cable and shows them very precisely in metres. The new optical status display now enables users to intervene quickly in a targeted manner, avoiding time-consuming and costly troubleshooting.


New compact igus cables guarantee 100 million double strokes – more than any other cable in the world

Published on: 17th November 2022

igus is continuously improving in order to optimise our customers’ moving applications. The specialist for moving cables has now refined its successful chainflex control cable series. CF98.PLUS and CF99.PLUS are the only cables on the market that are guaranteed to handle over 100 million double strokes or that can be used in energy chains with the tiny radii of 3xd.


Ready-to-connect igus hybrid cables save installation space, weight and construction time

Published on: 12th September 2022

Save installation space and weight with just one cable for power and data: it’s easy with harnessed igus readycable hybrid cables. New to the range are ready-to-connect cables suitable for SEW-EURODRIVE with MOVILINK DDI and Siemens SINAMICS S210 with OCC. In addition to PUR, the latter is also available with an outer jacket made of cost-effective PVC. Macros for the EPLAN Electric P8 software speed up cable planning by around 50%.


More organised in a small space with the new chainflex CASE S cable box from igus

Published on: 6th September 2022

In order to be able to store and transport as much as possible in a small space, better and better logistics solutions are being sought for cable drums. Thanks to the new chainflex CASE S from igus, lack of space in the warehouse is a thing of the past. The cable box is an addition to the larger CASE M, and also allows easy unwinding of cables directly from the box – even while on the move. With the smaller CASE S, storage and transport is now easier still. After all, customers save 50% of storage space while retaining 100% of the benefits.


Energy and data combined in new igus hybrid cable for SEW motors

Published on: 19th August 2021

Small, compact and fast: these are the demands on the new generations of motors. To this end, more and more drive manufacturers are turning to hybrid technology to save space. Therefore, igus has now expanded its range of hybrid cables with a new cable especially for SEW motors with the MOVILINK DDI interface. Users in the material handling industry, for example, can rely on a durable cable specifically developed for e-chain applications.