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A toast to summer! New robot with igus linear guide taps beer in seconds

Published on: 8th August 2023

Festival season is in full swing. To keep the queues at the beer to reasonable lengths, One Two Beer GmbH has developed an automatic beer tap. Its core is a mobile tap head that moves to the bottom of the cup, which it fills in five seconds without foam-over – built with a lubrication-free, hygienic, durable lead screw from the igus dryspin series.


A sustainable combination: igus successfully tests plastic bearings with wooden shafts

Published on: 26th June 2023

Wood and plastic? Is that a good combination? The motion plastics specialist igus has researched the idea in a recent design study and tested the friction and wear behaviour of its plastic linear bearings on a wide variety of wood, and the result is impressive. The drylin econ J4 plain bearing has demonstrated its exceptional compatibility with various kinds of wood, opening new possibilities for furniture makers and design engineers when choosing materials.


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Clean, safe, lubrication-free: igus presents the hygienic design linear guide

Published on: 24th April 2023

Cleaning with chemicals is a daily occurrence for machines in the food processing industry. Even the smallest blind spot can collect moisture and can lead to contamination within the machine. More and more operators are therefore designing parts with an emphasis on Hygienic Design. igus is a member of the EHEDG and has developed the first linear guide system, based on the Hygienic Design guidelines. Using FDA-compliant materials such as the high-performance polymer iglidur A160, high-alloy stainless steel and a washable interior of the carriage ensures the hygienic design is adhered to.


Fast set-up of motor control systems from igus: no lengthy programming

Published on: 23rd January 2023

The programming of motor control systems and the integration into machine environments often takes several days, amounting to costs of several thousand euros. A barrier that the Cologne-based company igus is now removing. With the free motion sample programmes, it is possible to commission the dryve series motor control systems in just a few minutes, and connect them to higher-level programmable logic controllers (PLC). This benefits automation newcomers and professionals alike.


igus modular linear axis for travels of any length

Published on: 6th December 2022

igus is launching the drylin Endless Gear linear module (EGW), a modular, lubrication-free linear guide with rack and pinion drive. The modular system can be extended to any travel length, costs little and is almost as light as the guide for a toy train. Several carriages can travel on it in different directions and at different speeds. Users can also extend the linear guide after installation and add more carriages.


From Munich to Cairo without lubrication: sliding instead of rolling with durable igus linear carriage

Published on: 28th June 2022

With the T20 of the drylin W series, igus is launching a new linear carriage on the market, which has the same dimensions as most classic carriages with recirculating ball bearing guides. This enables a quick 1:1 replacement – without any structural adjustments. By using drylin W, applications benefit from freedom from lubrication, a long service life, less cleaning effort and reduced weight.


Breakthrough in linear technology: New igus sliding material provides more design freedom

Published on: 10th June 2022

Whether in an industrial environment or in a coffee machine, in order to maximize the service life of a linear guide and to keep the required drive energy low, it is important to reduce friction and wear as much as possible. igus, a motion plastics specialist, has now achieved a breakthrough in tribological plastics: With iglidur E3, igus has developed a new sliding material that has a friction coefficient that is up to 40 percent better and thus opens up design flexibility in linear technology for users for the first time from the classic 2:1 Rule expanded to 3:1.


Low-cost igus stepper motor output stages for simple automation tasks

Published on: 13th April 2022

Adjusting the width of a stop edge or the height of a monitor: programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are often oversized for thousands of such simple automation tasks. The alternatives from igus are the stepper motor output stages D7, D8 and D9 of the dryve series. Among other things, they are characterised by their simple operation and low-vibration running. At the same time, the output stages are particularly favourable and available directly from stock.


Evolution of the trapezoidal thread: new igus standard achieves 82 percent efficiency

Published on: 15th March 2022

Even tried and tested structures have potential for improvement. One example is the classic trapezoidal thread, which igus has refined. Thanks to a special geometric interaction between the lead screw nut, which requires no lubrication or maintenance, and the metal lead screw, dryspin technology promises a long service life, improved efficiencies, low wear and less movement noise. Now dryspin lead screw technology is available in eight new installation sizes.


Linear carriage-to-go: assemble and disassemble igus linear unit in just one step

Published on: 27th January 2022

The motion plastics specialist igus demonstrates an exciting new approach for linear carriages. A clip mechanism enables easy installation and removal from the linear guide in a matter of seconds.