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Quick access to a customised interface with the new igus online shop for Module Connect

Published on: 17th November 2022

igus has developed Module Connect, a space-saving plug-in connector for connecting electric cables, fibre optic cables, and pneumatic hoses. It is primarily used wherever a large number of cables are connected in energy chains and space is at a premium. For free, individual plug-in module configuration, igus has now added 180 individual parts for Module Connect to its online shop.


E-car wallboxes: no more tangled cables

Published on: 21st October 2022

One quick tug and the power cable rolls up: with the e-tract 2.0 automatic retraction system, igus wants to make charging on wallboxes a bit more convenient for e-car owners. The special feature: thanks to the ingenious interplay of two guide rollers, long extension lengths are possible with limited installation space.


Even more reliability over long travels thanks to the new igus i.Sense EC.B rope hoist sensor for e-chains

Published on: 23rd August 2022

Loads, high speeds and the most adverse environmental conditions: energy chains often have to withstand severe stresses. Safe cable guidance is a challenge, e.g. for very long travels like those in large crane systems. To ensure even greater system safety in such cases, igus now offers users the i.Sense EC.B with a new rope hoist sensor for intelligent condition monitoring for chains of 35 metres or more.


STS container cranes: fit for the future thanks to the new igus heavy-duty rol e-chain

Published on: 4th August 2022

Container cranes in ports around the world will be even more powerful and fail-safe in the future. This is due to the fact that igus is launching P4HD.56.R – a new heavy-duty energy chain prepared for long travels, high speeds, heavy cable loads and Industry 4.0.


Flexibility meets safety: first monitoring system for robot e-chains from igus

Published on: 6th July 2022

Robots have long been an integral part of many areas of industrial manufacturing – and their range of tasks continues to grow in the wake of digitalisation. Whether for welding, painting, soldering or palletising, industrial robots work dynamically. A flexible 3D energy chain such as the triflex R from igus makes it possible to guide robot cables safely. To detect potential chain breaks due to extreme loads in good time and to avoid unplanned machine breakdowns, igus is presenting i.Sense TR.B, the world’s first breakage monitoring system for 3D energy chains at automatica 2022.


How igus energy chains become power-saving champions

Published on: 28th April 2022

Good news for users of the igus E4.1 energy chain series: newly developed roller chain links reduce required drive power by 37%. This allows customers to reduce their electricity costs in times of sharply rising energy prices.


From old to new: igus is making e-chain recycling even easier

Published on: 31st March 2022

Since 2019, igus has been using its chainge recycling programme to give old energy chains a new life. Now, the motion plastics specialist is taking things a step further. Recycling begins at assembly. To avoid industrial waste, igus is organising return delivery of worn-out energy chains – and returning them to the material cycle.


Connected in seconds: small plug-in energy chain from igus saves 80% assembly time

Published on: 3rd February 2022

The plug-in energy chain system readychain speed from igus connects harnessed e-chain systems in seconds and without the use of tools. This helps reduce both throughput times in assembly and machine downtimes, and also brings planned maintenance work to a minimum. The ready-to-connect e-chain system thus saves 80% installation time. With the new readychain micro-speed, this is now also possible for very small applications and in particularly tight installation spaces.


With anti-crushing effect, new igus clamps reliably secure pneumatic hoses

Published on: 27th January 2022

Classic clamps provide strain relief for pneumatic hoses in energy chains. But if they are over tightened, the hoses can be crushed. This can lead to a loss of performance. The answer from igus: a new CFX series clamp with high holding force, which at the same time makes over-tightening impossible.


Crawling through danger – robot-controlled maintenance operations with igus e-chains on board

Published on: 27th January 2022

It undertakes work that is lethal for humans: the remote-controlled robot “Crawler” restores the inner walls of pipelines in power plants. An automation that needs to be regularly maintained in order to protect the power and data cables from the harsh environmental conditions. Here, the US manufacturer Remote Orbital Installations LLC relies on the collaboration with igus.