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Great strength, little weight: new low-cost igus energy chain for unsupported applications

Published on: 20th July 2023

New addition to the igus energy chain portfolio: the E4Q, a globally proven e-chain for applications with large unsupported lengths and high fill weight, now has a new variant: the “L”. Users for whom the E4Q is too large can now save costs of up to 20% with the E4Q.64L. They will still benefit from the advantages of its big brother, such as quick, tool-free opening.


Tailor-made solution: first igus e-chain rack from additive manufacturing

Published on: 15th July 2023

In production, downtimes are expensive. For manufacturers of such items as machine tools, it is therefore very important for system assembly work to be as quick and efficient as possible. The readychain rack is a modular assembly and transport rack for harnessed energy supply systems, one that igus has been offering for ten years. Now, igus has developed a solution that is even simpler and faster, with practically unlimited customisation potential: the first 3D-printed readychain p-rack (printed rack). It can be adapted to customer requirements with millimetre precision.


snapchain 2.0: small, compact and cost-effective energy supply system

Published on: 10th July 2023

Things don’t have to be expensive. This is true not only of groceries, but also of energy chains. The simplest products often not only cost the least, but also represent the best technology. igus has now developed the snapchain 2.0 especially for low-stress and flat cable packages. The energy supply system consists of just one side link, to which cables can be fixed with cable tiewraps. It is made entirely of recyclate, so it is a sustainable solution.


Maximum safety in battery production: first certified energy chain for the dry cleanroom

Published on: 24th April 2023

Whenever the highest hygiene standards are required, igus scores high with lubrication-free and abrasion-resistant plastic components for movement. In particular, battery production for tomorrow’s mobility requires special environmental conditions, which are achieved through the combination of dry rooms and cleanrooms. The Fraunhofer IPA has developed a new type of certificate for precisely these requirements. The E6.29 energy chain from igus is the very first cable guide system that has been tested under dry cleanroom conditions and has now been certified with ISO Class 4.


Heavy loads are no problem for the new igutex TX3 fibre wound material

Published on: 24th April 2023

In applications with loads of more than 80Mpa, plain bearings made of thermoplastic materials can be pushing their limits. igus has expanded the existing range of standard plain bearings with the new igutex fibre wound plain bearing series. The series displays its strength in heavy-duty areas such as construction machinery or hoists. The latest development in the product family is the material igutex TX3. It offers an even higher running performance with high dynamic forces than previous igutex bearings.


igus energy supply, the only one of its kind in the world, makes jib cranes safer

Published on: 6th April 2023

Energy and data cables hanging from jib cranes often pose a great risk. Careless movement of loads, forklifts or other slewing crane systems in the immediate vicinity can cause them to become entangled and torn off. igus has therefore developed the guidelok swing, the only energy supply system of its kind in the world. It can be installed directly in the T-beam contour, and a special rocker system allows it to be used for long beam lengths cost-effectively with little wear. This significantly increases operational safety.


New E4Q e-chain with extender crossbars for safe guidance of large hoses

Published on: 17th February 2023

To be able to safely guide large hoses, igus has now developed a new extender crossbar design for its E4Q modular energy chain series. With the help of an adapter system, the chain can be individually adapted to the hose diameter. The tool-free E4Q opening mechanism ensures easy installation and filling of the energy supply.


Service life extension made easy: just three online steps to your individual smart e-chain

Published on: 10th February 2023

A quick and easy individual solution: igus, the motion plastics specialist, offers a wide range of online tools (among other things) to streamline the process. They include the “e-chain expert”, which enables interested parties to assemble an individual energy chain system in just three steps. Price, service life and delivery time are displayed. For the first time, users now have the option of configuring their e-chain with the intelligent i.Sense EC.W wear sensor directly. This gives customers a complex, ready-to-connect e-chain system that includes real-time condition monitoring – in just a few clicks.


igus e-chain stays at the highest cleanroom class even after 60 million double strokes

Published on: 6th December 2022

Cleanroom-compatible energy chains from the e-skin flat series still qualify for the highest cleanroom class even after 1.5 years of continuous use and 60 million double strokes. A test, unprecedented in the industry, led to this result. It was carried out in a cleanroom laboratory set up by motion plastics specialist igus in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA).


Quick access to a customised interface with the new igus online shop for Module Connect

Published on: 17th November 2022

igus has developed Module Connect, a space-saving plug-in connector for connecting electric cables, fibre optic cables, and pneumatic hoses. It is primarily used wherever a large number of cables are connected in energy chains and space is at a premium. For free, individual plug-in module configuration, igus has now added 180 individual parts for Module Connect to its online shop.