Energy chains

Sustainability at the touch of a button with the e-chain in Drop Water beverage vending machines

Published on: 22nd July 2021

The Drop Station is a new sustainable beverage vending machine that fills compostable containers with customised beverages at the touch of a button. The water for the vending machine does not need to be transported, since the kiosk can be connected to a water source on site. A linear robot with drylin linear guides mixes the beverages and dispenses them. Harnessed e-chains ensure protection for the chainflex energy and data cables.


New igus heavy-duty rol e-chain for maximum service life on cranes

Published on: 8th July 2021

The new generations of cranes demand increasingly more from energy supply systems. Now an energy chain meets precisely these requirements for longer travels, higher accelerations and speeds as well as reliability. The new heavy-duty P4HD rol e-chain is made of highly abrasion-resistant materials. Special side parts, newly designed joining links, roller links as well as a triple stop-dog system minimise wear and reduce the drive energy even further. All parts can be replaced in case of maintenance. To monitor the service life, smart plastics sensors can be integrated into the pin/bore connection.


Gliding, rolling, saving: igus expands E4.1 energy chain modular system for long travels

Published on: 10th June 2021

On long travels, the energy supply systems from igus are favourites for safely guiding cables and hoses. In most applications, customers rely on the strong E4.1 universal energy chain modular system. igus has now expanded the successful system with glide pads and roller chain links for quick retrofitting. This allows users in abrasive environments as well as in applications with very high speeds or extreme travel lengths to increase the service life of their systems quickly and cost-effectively.


New triflex TRX energy supply system revolutionises 3D motion of robots

Published on: 10th May 2021

To ensure that cables on industrial robots can be guided in motion safely, easily and compactly, igus has now developed the four-dimensional triflex TRX energy chain. The new design study replaces classic robot hose packages and retraction systems. Special feature: 40 per cent retraction length ensured by a unique telescopic mechanism inside the chain. This allows users to save space on the third axis of their robot, up to 83 per cent weight and high costs for retraction systems.


C6 e-chain: new design and abrasion-optimised materials for cleanrooms of the highest class

Published on: 6th May 2021

High abrasion resistance is crucial for machine elements in cleanrooms. igus has therefore now developed the C6, an energy chain designed to meet the highest cleanroom class. The new chain is specially designed for longer unsupported applications on machines and systems, and is based on the successful E6 and E6.1 cleanroom series from igus. A new connector system and a specially tribologically optimised high-performance polymer make the design study from igus even smoother, easier to assemble and virtually free of any particles in motion.


4K for 3D: igus offers multi-material printing for multifunctional components

Published on: 6th May 2021

If a component is to have several properties, it usually has to be manufactured in several steps. But such production can quickly become cost-intensive for small quantities. It is precisely for this reason that igus now offers multi-material printing with up to four materials. This allows multifunctional and wear-resistant special parts to be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively in just one step. To this end, igus has further expanded its 3D printing capacities and its range of materials for the FDM process.


A clean performance: igus wins the REINER! Award for modular cleanroom chain

Published on: 15th April 2021

High-purity manufacturing environments ensure that electronics also function safely in everyday life. In order for manufacturers to produce in cleanrooms, particle-free machine elements are required. Every year, the Fraunhofer Institute honours the most innovative developments with the REINER! Award. The motion plastics specialist igus is very pleased with the 2nd place award for its e-skin flat energy supply chain. The alternative to the flat belt guide is compact, modular and has cleanroom class 1. The cables can be easily inserted into the chain using the zipper principle and can be quickly replaced in the event of maintenance.


Securely sealed off! New interior separation for E4Q energy chain reduces assembly time

Published on: 4th February 2021

For safe cable guidance in unsupported and long travels, igus has developed the E4Q energy chain. The bionically inspired design of the series saves weight, while a crossbar with locking tabs reduces the assembly time of the energy supply system by 40 per cent. To further facilitate cable filling, igus is now launching a new interior separation for the E4Q. Universal separators can simply be placed on the crossbars, shelves can be inserted from the left or right, either along the inner or outer radius. A mechanism in the separators automatically locks the chain when closing.


e-spool flex for continuous panel feed in industrial robots

Published on: 21st January 2021

A control panel forms the robot’s control centre. If it is to be used flexibly, its cable must be not only several metres long, but also movable and safely stowed. To this end, igus has developed the e-spool flex. The new igus cable reel has no slip ring, so it can even supply bus signals with no interruptions. The cable can also be easily retrofitted into the system. These advantages won ARAGON over. It offers a complete cable set, consisting of e-spool flex with a standard cable and a pre-assembled panel mount, as a service for its industrial robots.


Video: ready-to-connect cables soldered to a high quality with advanced soldering stations at igus

Published on: 8th January 2021

High-end equipment and technically trained personnel enable optimum soldering results even with manual work The new soldering stations at igus ensure reproducible and high-quality soldering results. At the same time, they simplify the work of trained personnel and increase throughput times in production. (Source: igus GmbH) Ready-to-connect harnessed and quality-checked cables within three to five […]