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New compact igus cables guarantee 100 million double strokes – more than any other cable in the world

Published on: 17th November 2022

chainflex CF98.PLUS and CF99.PLUS cables allow a sustainable machine concept with the smallest bend radii

The two new chainflex cable series, CF98.PLUS and CF99.PLUS, can withstand up to 100 million double strokes with the smallest bend radii. (Source: igus GmbH)

igus is continuously improving in order to optimise our customers’ moving applications. The specialist for moving cables has now refined its successful chainflex control cable series. CF98.PLUS and CF99.PLUS are the only cables on the market that are guaranteed to handle over 100 million double strokes or that can be used in energy chains with the tiny radii of 3xd.

In the blink of an eye, the machine moves and applies the chip to the new smartphone with high precision. This process is repeated thousands of times a day and requires multiple cables. Smaller and smaller installation spaces, shorter and shorter cycles and 99 percent availability for machines and systems are requirements that are not limited to the semiconductor industry. Demand for fast, compact automation systems is also increasing in many other sectors, such as medical technology, the automotive industry and sorting systems. So, igus has now refined its proven CF98 control cables to produce an unshielded variant and CF99 to produce a shielded one. “With great success,” says a delighted Rainer Rössel, chainflex cable Business Unit Manager at igus. “The new CF98.PLUS and CF99.PLUS cables are the first and only cables available on the market that are approved for use in energy chains and for which igus guarantees 100 million double strokes.” This means an increase in service life of 250 percent over the original series. The new cables are also designed for very small bend radii, just three times the diameter of the cable (3xd). Users where space is critical can now use a reliable high-end TPE cable and give their end customers a sustainable machine concept.

Long service life guaranteed

For more than ten years, igus have worked on the new cables, testing them in its own 3,800 square metre laboratory and improving them. The cable specialist has set up two extra-large test rigs for this purpose. The essential improvements are primarily in a special conductor material alloy and a new manufacturing process for the insulation material. The extensive testing allows igus to promise a guaranteed service life of 36 months for all its cables. Cable service life can also be determined online with an online service life calculator. “Users who choose CF98.PLUS or CF99.PLUS make a significant contribution to their company’s sustainability concept because they are investing in their machine’s durability,” says Rössel.

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