Video: e-loop – the safe alternative to service loops

Published on: 23rd August 2019

New cable carrier with the name “e-loop”.

In the video, Tim Schneebeck explains the conditions under which the e-loop is tested at the in-house test facility. (Source: igus GmbH)

Wind and weather, dirt, and rough handling: shore drilling rigs, the oil and gas industry, offshore, construction machinery and wind turbines are subject to gruelling conditions. These act on plant and the machine elements, and for this reason long-lasting components are called for. For a safe cable guidance of the top drive, igus has now developed a new energy supply called “e-loop”. This can replace high-maintenance service loops one-to-one. Harnessed and installed with highly flexible chainflex cables and a plastic rope with high tensile strength, the energy chain system ensures a long service life and a maintenance-free operation of plant and machines. In the video, Tim Schneebeck Industry Manager Offshore, Oil & Gas, explains how the e-loop is thoroughly tested under real conditions at the in-house igus test facility.

The video is available at YouTube:

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