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Artificial intelligence and automation: SMEs must not miss the boat

Published on: 19th July 2023

Accountants, journalists and even computer scientists are all amazed at how rapidly automation is developing, including with artificial intelligence. Industry representatives are, too. They are drawing new ideas for smart factories. Many traditional SMEs, however, are in danger of falling behind. Low Cost Automation can provide immediate assistance and help them avoid missing the boat.


Tailor-made solution: first igus e-chain rack from additive manufacturing

Published on: 15th July 2023

In production, downtimes are expensive. For manufacturers of such items as machine tools, it is therefore very important for system assembly work to be as quick and efficient as possible. The readychain rack is a modular assembly and transport rack for harnessed energy supply systems, one that igus has been offering for ten years. Now, igus has developed a solution that is even simpler and faster, with practically unlimited customisation potential: the first 3D-printed readychain p-rack (printed rack). It can be adapted to customer requirements with millimetre precision.


snapchain 2.0: small, compact and cost-effective energy supply system

Published on: 10th July 2023

Things don’t have to be expensive. This is true not only of groceries, but also of energy chains. The simplest products often not only cost the least, but also represent the best technology. igus has now developed the snapchain 2.0 especially for low-stress and flat cable packages. The energy supply system consists of just one side link, to which cables can be fixed with cable tiewraps. It is made entirely of recyclate, so it is a sustainable solution.


Complete robotic solution designed in just one minute with the RBTX Machine Planner

Published on: 29th June 2023

Ideally, a customer can decide on a suitable robot quickly. But how do you create the perfect workplace for the new assistant? The Machine Planner on, the online marketplace for Low Cost Robotics, helps with the design of a complete automation solution, from robotics to frames to conveyor belts to grippers to safety systems. Price and delivery time are calculated in real time.


A sustainable combination: igus successfully tests plastic bearings with wooden shafts

Published on: 26th June 2023

Wood and plastic? Is that a good combination? The motion plastics specialist igus has researched the idea in a recent design study and tested the friction and wear behaviour of its plastic linear bearings on a wide variety of wood, and the result is impressive. The drylin econ J4 plain bearing has demonstrated its exceptional compatibility with various kinds of wood, opening new possibilities for furniture makers and design engineers when choosing materials.