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igus is once again looking for creative Low Cost Automation projects with the fastest return on investment

Published on: 15th January 2024

The German economy is weakening and will only recover slowly in 2024, according to the Institute for Macroeconomics and Business Cycle Research (IMK). The mechanical engineering industry is also feeling the effects. To strengthen competitiveness, organisations will have to focus on automation. Thanks to Low Cost Automation (LCA) and the RBTX robotics marketplace from igus, companies of all sizes can find a complete solution that suits their requirements and budget – from as little as €2,000. The plastics company is now honouring the projects with the fastest return on investment (ROI) with the ROIBOT Award for the third time. Users can now apply to win LCA products worth €5,000 in addition to international recognition.


igus launches first UL-listed motor cable for cable tray and e-chain

Published on: 10th January 2024

With the new chainflex cable CF33.UL, igus has developed the world’s first motor cable for energy chains and cable trays with UL approval and a four-year functional guarantee in the energy chain. This allows the cable to be laid seamlessly from the energy chain to the cable tray without a plug connection in between. The CF33.UL also adds a shielded PVC motor cable to the chainflex range.


igus fixed flange bearings become intelligent

Published on: 8th January 2024

Expensive machine and vehicle breakdowns due to undetected faults in heavy-duty fixed flange bearings: these will soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new generation of two- and four-hole fixed flange bearings. Their special feature is that the bearings, which are made of lubrication-free high-performance plastic, are equipped with miniature wireless sensors, enabling condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Custom-fit orthoses from the 3D printer

Published on: 28th November 2023

Produce orthoses that splint injured fingers in hospital in record time using a 3D printer: students at Trier University of Applied Sciences are developing a compact platform that measures fingers. The igus Young Engineers Support (yes) is supporting them by providing free miniature linear guides.


Two drives in one: igus launches double-shaft stepper motor

Published on: 23rd November 2023

Cost-effective automation in a confined installation space. To provide an easy introduction to automation, igus has now developed a new double-shaft stepper motor for its drylin linear technology. It can be used to drive two linear axes. Another possible application is the installation of a hand wheel on the second drive shaft. In an emergency, users can turn the motor by hand. Manual zero point calibration is also possible