When speed is a must: igus FastLine delivers injection-moulded special plain bearings in 7 days

Published on: 18th February 2021

When the market demand for a product is high, then the manufacturers and their suppliers are needed. Customised parts, such as plain bearings in special shapes, have to be delivered quickly and without complications. But it is not unusual for the production of special parts by injection moulding to take several weeks. The plastics specialist igus therefore now offers its customers the FastLine Service thanks to its expanded in-house toolmaking department. Lubrication-free, polymer plain bearings in special dimensions can be delivered within a few days at cost-effective unit prices.


Hannover Trade Show 2021: New modular gearbox kit from igus for innovative cobot ideas

Published on: 11th February 2021

The potential for service robotics is enormous: in kitchens and bars, in the area of nursing, or in agriculture and logistics, lightweight robots facilitate the automation of monotonous or non-ergonomic tasks. To make the implementation of such new concepts easy and, above all, cost-effective, igus is presenting a new modular gearbox kit for cobots at the Hannover Trade Show. The fully integrated tribo strain wave gear with motor, absolute-value encoder, force control system and controller is the main component of this kit.


Securely sealed off! New interior separation for E4Q energy chain reduces assembly time

Published on: 4th February 2021

For safe cable guidance in unsupported and long travels, igus has developed the E4Q energy chain. The bionically inspired design of the series saves weight, while a crossbar with locking tabs reduces the assembly time of the energy supply system by 40 per cent. To further facilitate cable filling, igus is now launching a new interior separation for the E4Q. Universal separators can simply be placed on the crossbars, shelves can be inserted from the left or right, either along the inner or outer radius. A mechanism in the separators automatically locks the chain when closing.


For a neatly sliding bag: new igus coating powder for food technology

Published on: 28th January 2021

Whether in dosing systems, on conveyor belts of filling systems or in labelling technology: you will find sheet metal and parts that are exposed to friction and wear in all these places. To increase the service life of the metallic components, igus has now developed a new coating material. The sprayed-on IC-05 tribo-polymer protects sensitive and small bearing points as well as sliding surfaces. It is optically detectable due to its blue colour and is approved for use in food technology. In the test, the material was able to convince with a four times longer service life than the coating powder IC-01.


Compact rotation: igus adds to its 16mm slewing ring range

Published on: 21st January 2021

They are compact and lightweight and show how things are done. They have been developed specifically for movement in tight spaces and give igus an entire PRT-04 modular system. The lubrication-free slewing ring bearing system comes in eight sizes. They feature outer tooth drive and angle stop (optional), and now also inner drive teeth and a locking function. This allows the design engineer to find the product needed for applications with very little installation space.