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Service life extension made easy: just three online steps to your individual smart e-chain

Published on: 10th February 2023

A quick and easy individual solution: igus, the motion plastics specialist, offers a wide range of online tools (among other things) to streamline the process. They include the “e-chain expert”, which enables interested parties to assemble an individual energy chain system in just three steps. Price, service life and delivery time are displayed. For the first time, users now have the option of configuring their e-chain with the intelligent i.Sense EC.W wear sensor directly. This gives customers a complex, ready-to-connect e-chain system that includes real-time condition monitoring – in just a few clicks.


Smart and lubrication-free: solar rubbish bin with igus plain bearings revolutionises waste management

Published on: 7th February 2023

A clean cityscape is what many large cities around the world long for. To bring that dream a little closer, Finbin, a Finnish company, has developed an intelligent rubbish bin. It features a solar-powered press that increases the amount of rubbish it can absorb by a factor of six. The lubrication-free igus plain bearings in use ensure a long service life of the bin. This project won the green manus award in 2021.


RBTX robotics marketplace now available in 18 countries

Published on: 3rd February 2023

igus Low Cost Automation reflects the company’s determination to lower the barriers to enter into the age of automation. has been part of this effort since 2019. The robotics marketplace helps interested parties find the right automation solution for their individual application as easily, quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Previously, RBTX was available in eight countries. Now igus is expanding the range and launching the robotics marketplace in ten additional countries – with three more soon to follow.


Fast set-up of motor control systems from igus: no lengthy programming

Published on: 23rd January 2023

The programming of motor control systems and the integration into machine environments often takes several days, amounting to costs of several thousand euros. A barrier that the Cologne-based company igus is now removing. With the free motion sample programmes, it is possible to commission the dryve series motor control systems in just a few minutes, and connect them to higher-level programmable logic controllers (PLC). This benefits automation newcomers and professionals alike.


Clearance-free multi-link hinges with self-calibrating iglidur plain bearings for automotive applications

Published on: 20th January 2023

In practice, it is not easy to cost-effectively produce clearance-free multi-link hinges for spoiler kinematics and soft-top and hinge systems. Frequently only roughly punched holes with a limited amount of fine cuts in the guides combined with cold extrusion rivets require costly bearing recalibration. With its plain bearings made of tribologically optimised plastics, such as the new electrically conductive iglidur F300 material, igus offers a technically better solution that costs less. In the e-coating process, the bearing recalibrates itself and also prevents corrosion.