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ROIBOT 2022: igus is looking for exciting applications with cost-effective robotics

Published on: 30th March 2022

igus’s cost-effective robotics and automation solutions automate packaging, sort products, and help with dangerous tasks in everyday work. In 2022, the motion plastics specialist will once again be presenting the ROIBOT Award for the most creative applications. The judges are looking for projects that have achieved a quick return on investment using igus Low Cost Automation and drylin drive axes. The winners will receive a robotics package of their choice from the marketplace worth up to 5,000 euros.


Public award announced for Low Cost Automation in drones, pharmacies and factories

Published on: 17th September 2020

The more than 70 submissions to the ROIBOT Award 2020 make it clear that entry into automation can be achieved easily and cost-effectively. This year, in addition to the expert jury, for the first time the public also has the chance to vote for their personal favourite. At you can find many innovative examples of how Low Cost Automation from igus can be used profitably: from Bathroom mirror cabinet with sound system up to the automated “Chocomatic” praline dispenser.


ROIBOT Award: igus is looking for smart Low Cost Robotics applications worldwide

Published on: 13th November 2019

Simple automation and a quick return on investment constitute the wish of many small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, low-cost automation solutions such as delta robots, Cartesian robots or articulated arm robots from igus are enabled here by the use of plastic. The potential offered by cost-effective automation is demonstrated by the new ROIBOT Award. It characterises exciting Low Cost Robotics applications.