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Complete robotic solution designed in just one minute with the RBTX Machine Planner

Published on: 29th June 2023

Ideally, a customer can decide on a suitable robot quickly. But how do you create the perfect workplace for the new assistant? The Machine Planner on RBTX.com, the online marketplace for Low Cost Robotics, helps with the design of a complete automation solution, from robotics to frames to conveyor belts to grippers to safety systems. Price and delivery time are calculated in real time.


Configuring and programming igus linear robots – as easy as playing PlayStation

Published on: 12th May 2022

With the help of the game engine Unity, motion plastics specialist igus has given its online configurator for low-cost linear robots a facelift, making its operation even more efficient. Now, users can configure an individual linear robot ready for connection faster and easier – in just five minutes and with instant price information. With the help of the online tools, any automation solution can be programmed and tested directly in the selected working area and also load CAD data and a suitable drawing. Even small and medium-sized companies can immerse themselves without a barrier in the world of automation – without the know-how of specialists and CAD software.


RBTXpert from igus: remote integration for cost-effective automation at a fixed price

Published on: 3rd June 2021

Automate cheaply and benefit from a quick return on investment – but how? This question is often faced not only by newcomers to automation. The RBTXpert provides immediate support in making your planned project a success. The new service helps to select the right low-cost components, checks feasibility and provides support during commissioning.