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ROIBOT 2022: igus is looking for exciting applications with cost-effective robotics

Published on: 30th March 2022

igus’s cost-effective robotics and automation solutions automate packaging, sort products, and help with dangerous tasks in everyday work. In 2022, the motion plastics specialist will once again be presenting the ROIBOT Award for the most creative applications. The judges are looking for projects that have achieved a quick return on investment using igus Low Cost Automation and drylin drive axes. The winners will receive a robotics package of their choice from the marketplace worth up to 5,000 euros.


PowerBully from Germany wins the 2021 gold manus award

Published on: 27th May 2021

Four times the excitement: for the first time, the manus award, a joint initiative by igus, a motion plastics specialist, recognises four contestants. The prize showcases fascinating, creative uses of plain bearings. The tenth gold manus award goes to Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG for its PowerBully. Silver goes to a radio-controlled, battery-driven felling wedge. Bronze goes to a sun protection facade system with a shape memory alloy. The first-ever green manus was awarded for a sustainable project. It went to an intelligent solar-powered rubbish bin from Finland.


A clean performance: igus wins the REINER! Award for modular cleanroom chain

Published on: 15th April 2021

High-purity manufacturing environments ensure that electronics also function safely in everyday life. In order for manufacturers to produce in cleanrooms, particle-free machine elements are required. Every year, the Fraunhofer Institute honours the most innovative developments with the REINER! Award. The motion plastics specialist igus is very pleased with the 2nd place award for its e-skin flat energy supply chain. The alternative to the flat belt guide is compact, modular and has cleanroom class 1. The cables can be easily inserted into the chain using the zipper principle and can be quickly replaced in the event of maintenance.