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reguse: igus trainees breathe new life into discarded electrical appliances

Published on: 24th June 2021

Trainees transform old computers into functional devices for private use – igus honoured as best MINT employer

Discarded PCs and monitors become usable again: the trainees at igus refurbish the devices and sell them to their colleagues at a reasonable price. The income from the reguse project is donated to social and sustainable projects. (Source: igus GmbH)

A win-win situation for employees and the environment: in the company “reguse”, founded by igus trainees themselves, disused electrical appliances are processed and offered to colleagues in their own webshop at a low cost for private use. The proceeds will be donated to sustainable projects. The programme is another example of how igus actively promotes young talent initiatives. For this, the motion plastics specialist has now been awarded as one of the best MINT employers.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle” – this is what the igus trainees have independently taken up with their “reguse” project. This is because the newly established trainee business unit is working on turning the electrical waste produced at igus back into functional electrical appliances for private use. The IT trainees deal with the technology, the industrial business trainees handle the legal issues and a media designer trainee takes care of marketing. Everything from laptops and PCs up to monitors is reconditioned and then offered for sale to igus employees in Cologne at a reasonable price. Alternatively, the so-called refurbished devices and all proceeds are donated to sustainable and charitable projects.

150 euros for a laptop, 50 euros for a monitor

The trainees offer the purchase via their own web shop. “In just a few weeks, we were able to generate sales of over 4,000 euros and are currently sold out”, says Matthias Mollerus, Industrial Business Trainee at igus. “The response from colleagues to the project has been great.” Felix Franke, Training Manager at igus, is also pleased with the new monitor: “What our trainees have come up with is a really good idea. I bought a second monitor from reguse for my wife, who is starting her own business. The used device works perfectly and is very cost-effective.” But the successful start of the project is not over: the trainees are currently refurbishing more devices, because the demand as well as their motivation is high. They are considering turning the business unit into a real company to increase the learning effect even more.

Award for best employer in the MINT sector

reguse is one of many young talent projects within and outside the company that igus promotes. The best known is the young engineers support (yes). With that igusĀ® supports pupil and student projects with free samples, sponsorships and consultations. Amongst other things, yes sponsors various Formula Student Teams in Germany and around the world with its lightweight and lubrication-free plain bearing technology. For its activities, igus was recently named one of the most attractive employers in the MINT sector by the technology magazine “Technology Review”. Out of around 20,000 companies surveyed, igus is among the top 385 and ranks second in the “Chemical Products” category with 83.8 points.

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