motion plastics to go: igus opens pick-up station for contactless collection

Published on: 7th January 2021

Safe, easy and fast – new pick-up service for self-collecting customers with a choice of over 230,000 motion plastics

Order quickly, pick up contact-free: the newly installed “motion plastics to go” pick-up point is now in operation in front of the igus headquarters. (Source: igus GmbH)

Order goods, pick them up yourself and install them directly: igus GmbH is now offering the new “motion plastics to go” service. With on-site pick-up, customers can easily and safely access their choice of more than 230,000 tribo-polymer components from stock. Due to the contactless transfer, the important hygiene and distance rules are observed.

If a machine suddenly comes to a standstill or a wear-resistant polymer part is needed immediately for a new prototype, then fast and competent help is required. With the new “motion plastics to go” service, igus GmbH offers a solution for such exceptional circumstances. Based on a drive-in service, igus has set up a contactless transfer point at its headquarters in Porz-Lind, Cologne. After confirming the pick-up via email, customers can stop with their vehicle at the signposted location in front of the main building and register via the intercom. Without having to leave the car, the ordered motion plastics are loaded directly into the boot by an igus employee. Through the barcode stored in the collection receipt, confirmation of receipt of the goods can be made without contact, thus reducing personal interaction.

Contactless transfer in a few minutes

The idea for “motion plastics to go” came from an igus employee in the sales office. Lazaros Mpozardenis spontaneously carried out a contact-free delivery at the request of a customer. He then made the suggestion to offer this as a general service and to perfect it. “With motion plastics to go, we can provide customers with their goods within a few minutes, while complying with spacing and hygiene rules”, says Jennifer Geier, Lean Engineer at igus. “This is of great importance, especially when time is a crucial cost factor, for example, when cables have been damaged in a factory and production is therefore at a standstill. Then every second counts.” More than 230,000 lubrication-free and low-maintenance motion plastics are available from igus directly from stock, from e-chains and cables as well as linear technology, plain and ball bearings up to robot gears, 3D printing components and intelligent smart plastics. In the medium term, the expansion of the pick-up service and the establishment of a pick-up centre are planned. Customers can then collect their motion plastics from a packing station at igus independently and completely irrespective of business hours.

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