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Large space, small price: motion plastics make igus delta robots cost-effective and low-maintenance

Published on: 9th October 2019

Lubrication-free, low-cost parallel kinematics with 660mm working space diameter, available from 4,705 euros

The delta robot from igus relies entirely on the advantages of motion plastics and enables simple, cost-effective automation. The new version has a 10 times higher working space diameter than the proven model. The price: from €4,705. (Source: igus GmbH)

Simple automation and low cost: the igus delta robot makes this possible by the use of lubrication-free components made of tribo-polymers. At the 2019 Motek show, the motion plastics specialist presented a new version with a 10 times larger work space volume compared with the proven model. This lightweight system for easy pick & place tasks, is delivered as a pre-assembled kit or ready to install product. This guarantees quick operation and saves costs immediately.

Lightweight, cost-effective and with a larger range – that’s the new delta robot drylin DLE-DR from igus. Using lubrication-free tribo-polymers, it is not only very cost-effective when buying, but also low maintenance when in use. This reduces maintenance and downtime costs. Thanks to a modular system, users can choose between a compact self-assembly modular kit or pre-assembled version in a transport frame. The robot consists of three maintenance-free drylin ZLW toothed belt axes with NEMA23 XL encoder stepper motors, lubrication-free igubal coupling joints and matching adapter plates for grippers and motors. This ensures the quick handling of up to 5 kilograms with a precision of ± 0.5 millimetres. The new delta robot offers a 10 times larger working space with 660mm diameter at 180mm height, which significantly increases the range. A calibrating pin allows the robot to be positioned at the zero point. It is directly fixed to the mounting hub.

Simple automation available from 4,705 euros

The use of the delta robot is very apt for simple assembly activities, pick and place tasks, as well as applications in inspection technology. As a construction kit, it can be set up in just 30 minutes and is extremely cost-effective from 4,705 euros. “Even a smaller or medium-sized company can venture into automation for a few thousand euros”, says Stefan Niermann, Head of Low Cost Automation at igus. “At the same time, the operator benefits very quickly from their new automation solution. The payback period is less than six months for most applications.” Depending on the customer’s requirements, the new drylin DLE-DR can be delivered within 3 to 7 days as a pre-assembled construction kit with assembly instructions in a box, or as a ready-to-install system in a transport frame. As an option, the customer can use their own software and control system, or the intuitive and easy-to-use dryve D1 control system from igus.

Build your own robot with just a few clicks

With the drylin DLE-DR delta robot, igus is expanding its broad selection of robotics components. Based on its tribo-polymer expertise, the company has been developing cost-effective automation solutions for order picking, feeding, quality assurance and assembly for many years. These include robolink DP – a modular system that allows users to assemble articulated arms with a robust and lightweight plastic housing, gearboxes and motors into a robotic arm of their own. The offer also includes robolink DCi, a pre-configured, ready-to-use automation system. It consists of a 4 or 5-axis robot and a control system that is integrated at the base of the gripper arm in a space-saving manner. This year igus and its industry partners introduced the platform to enable customers to quickly assemble their own robot solution. With just a few clicks, you can put together your own low-cost robotic solution online. The basic electro-mechanical structure is thereby the articulated-arm robots, delta robots and linear robots. In the next step, the user supplements this basic structure by adding individual components of different manufacturers such as grippers, suction units, cameras, motors, sensors and control systems. The advantage: all components are compatible with each other. The user quickly receives a reliably operating overall automation package that meets their individual requirements and budget.

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