Plain bearing

New two-component bushing stands tough in extreme conditions

Published on: 14th August 2019

igus has developed a new self-lubricating, two-component bearing, iglide Q2E, that can withstand the extreme conditions frequently found in agricultural machines, utility vehicles, offshore installations and other demanding environments.


To the finish with ease: top performance of igus polymer plain bearings in Formula Student

Published on: 13th August 2019

119 teams from 25 nations came to the Hockenheimring last week with their racing cars to race against each other. In the international design competition this year, lightweight vehicle construction was one of the most crucial criteria. Therefore, the students relied on lightweight, lubrication-free and maintenance-free plain bearing technology from igus. Whether in the pedals, the steering or in the chain drive, the iglidur tribo-polymers bring the sports cars to the finish quickly and safely.


Glide in order to roll: lubrication-free igus bearings increase safety in off-road wheelchair

Published on: 23rd July 2019

To make it easier for wheelchair users to travel off the beaten track, HOSS Mobility GmbH has developed a self-balancing electric wheelchair without front wheels. Supports are used to ensure that this does not tip over even without a power supply. They can extend quickly in an emergency, which heavily stress the bearings. Therefore, the developers rely on igus bearings made of iglidur tribo polymers. Since they are compact and resistant to dirt and shock, they are ideal for use in the support structure.


Wear-resistant sliding movement in an extremely small space with iglidur tribo-polymer coating from igus

Published on: 5th July 2019

For lubrication-free sliding in a very small space, igus has now developed three new materials made of maintenance-free tribo-polymers as coating material for metal components such as metal sheets, valves or even shafts. This means that, for users who do not have enough space to install a plain bearing, a wear-resistant, compact and cost-effective solution is now available


Injection moulding with 3D printing: 55 lubrication-free igus materials for individual wear-resistant parts

Published on: 3rd June 2019

Injection moulding with 3D printing: 55 lubrication-free igus materials for individual wear-resistant parts
igus expands 3D printing service by injection moulding with printed tools for fast production of maintenance-free special parts.


Surfing on tarmac with wear-resistant plain bearings from igus

Published on: 14th May 2019

The Curfboard is a new type of sports equipment that combines a surfboard and a skateboard and in the process, has to withstand extreme loads. Especially high are the demands on its moving components, including the bearings. These must be wear-resistant, resilient, maintenance-free and reliable even under the toughest “Curf” conditions.


No lubrication in spite of metal with maintenance-free igubal polymer spherical bearings

Published on: 30th April 2019

Heavy dirt accumulation, dust and swarf are commonplace for pillow blocks and fixed flange bearings. Constant lubrication and maintenance is therefore necessary. With the injection-moulded igus spherical balls, customers can resort to a lubrication-free and maintenance-free solution for their metallic pillow blocks. igus has now developed new spherical balls made of the high-performance plastic iglidur J, specifically for cost-effective sheet metal housings. These can be mounted in seconds. The complete solution is available directly from stock.


Hard on the outside, smart on the inside: igus develops world’s first intelligent plain bearing

Published on: 29th March 2019

Plain bearings often have to withstand considerable adverse influences such as abrasive dust, high speeds or chemicals. To enable indication of the degree of wear of such plain bearings in good time, igus has now developed the world’s first intelligent bearing with iglidur high-performance plastics. This warns of imminent failure in good time. Machine and equipment operators can plan maintenance, repairs and part replacement in advance.